X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon is getting a sequel

A new cartoon series from Marvel has revealed it is in the process of reviving the X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES series.

X-MEN creator Bryan Singer confirmed the news to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) during a live interview.

“It’s a great time to be a fan,” he said.

“This is a great opportunity to work on the first series, it’s great to be in a position to work with the artists.”

We’re working on a great, great new X-Mansion.

It’s going to be out very soon.

We’re doing a bunch of stuff, but we’re not talking about anything yet.

“X-Men The Animated series is a cartoon series created by Marvel and airing on Fox.

The series, which was first aired in 1988, starred X-Man Wolverine, Professor X and other mutants, and featured a team of superheroes from across the Marvel Universe.

Singer explained that the animation team is “looking forward to working with Fox to bring this to life.””

It was a long, long time ago, but now we have a new show on Fox, and I’m excited to get to work,” he added.”

I know there are a lot of people who are really excited to be back.”ABC/News24