Which cartoons are the best and worst?

There are lots of cartoons in this week’s episode, including The Simpsons’ Marge Simpson and Family Guy’s Buddy Guy.

The Simpsons, The Brady Bunch and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension are also in the Top 20, while cartoons such as Disney’s The Lion King and the BBC’s Treasure Planet are also featured.

Here are the Top 10 cartoons of the week: 1.

The Lion Song – Disney, 1994: Marge’s father, Fred, gives her the song “Lion Song” for Christmas. 

The song has become a classic Disney song and a staple of children’s songs since the original was released in 1994. 

Marge finds the song and decides to sing it as a Christmas song to her dad. 

She sings it to her friend, Bubbles, who is listening in.

The song ends up becoming a Christmas hit. 

“The Lion Song” has been re-recorded for a second time.

It was originally performed by Bob Dylan in 1966. 


The Muppet Christmas Carol – Walt Disney, 1951: A little girl named Mrs. Krabs finds a letter from her mother saying she has been accepted as a Muppet. 

When she gets home from school, she sees a picture of herself in her costume.

She is so excited, she puts her hat on. 

Her parents come home and say that Mrs. Crabs has been rejected and they should be worried. 

Mrs. Krab is so relieved, she runs out to get a new Muppet costume. 


The Goofy Christmas – Disney/Pixar, 1989: Gottlieb finds a toy with a red bow and a bowtie in his attic. 

He brings the bowtie to his friends and asks them to make a puppet of him. 

They make him a Goofie. 


The Little Mermaid – Disney (1995): In the movie, Ariel and the gang discover a boat full of gold coins.

The group decides to sail it to a distant island. 


The Wizard of Oz – Warner Bros, 1939: The Scarecrow is trying to get into the Wizard of the Oz and steals the ruby slippers of the Scarecrow’s daughter, Tinah. 


The Jungle Book – Disney Animation, 1998: When a princess awakens, she finds herself in a jungle, and learns that she is actually in a dream. 


The Princess and the Frog – Disney Animated Studios, 1977: In this movie, King Louie is kidnapped by a giant snake and has to save Princess Alice from the snake’s evil snake leader, Gulliver. 


The Flintstones – Nickelodeon, 1990: One of the many things that makes Flintstones a popular cartoon is its use of puppets. 

It’s been used in several movies and cartoons, such as The Flintstone Brothers’ The Flinty Kid, Scooby-Doo, Monsters, Inc. and many others. 


Mickey Mouse – Disney Channel, 1995: Mickey is kidnapped and forced to become a panda. 


The Jetsons – Nickelodesk, 2001: After learning that his daughter is dating a man named Jimmy, Tim goes to the Jetsons’ house to find out why the girls are going out. 


Cinderella’s Secret – Disney Studio, 1997: Cinderella’s Secret is the only Disney animated feature to have the Disney characters wearing masks. 


The Nightmare Before Christmas – Walt’s Animation Studios, 1999: There’s a nightmare that goes on every Christmas.

There are two versions of it, one where all the children in the world are dead, and one where the only person left is the Prince of Darkness, Snow White. 


The Wonderful Wizard of Zaar – Disney Studios, 1997. 


Mickey and the Chocolate Factory – Disney’s Aladdin, 1999. 


The Nutcracker – Walt and Co., 1959: Donald Duck is kidnapped. 


The Masked Muppet – Warner Brothers, 1959: The Muppets go on a shopping spree. 


Disney’s Big Hero 6 – Warner, 1991: Dora the Explorer becomes the new ruler of the city of Metropolis. 


Aladdin – Disney Enterprises, 1996: An evil wizard sets out to steal the magic lamp and save the world. 


The Adventures Of Pluto and Ham – Walt Studios, 2002: Two brothers get lost on an adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom, where they come across a huge robot. 


Altered Carbon – Pixar, 2006: Aladdin’s dad, Prince Ea, gets married to Princess Jasmine. 


The Big Lebowski – Netflix, 1995 (original version): The Lebows have to