Which cartoon movies do you love the most?

Here’s a look at some of the most popular cartoon movies ever made.


Aladdin and the Seven Dwarfs Aladdin (1989) A modern day tale of magic and adventure with a magical princess, who must save her kingdom from a dragon, and a nefarious sorcerer.

It was a hit for the BBC, making more than 50 million British viewers happy.


Toy Story (1993) It was the first animated film to reach a million Australian viewers, and its success spawned a huge franchise of sequels.

The second film was released in 2008, but it hasn’t had the same longevity as its predecessor.


Pocahontas (1999) A popular animated feature film about Pocahoyas (the Pocahoean Indians) who are enslaved by a king in search of a lost treasure.

It won three Oscars and was nominated for five.


Beauty and the Beast (1992) The story of the adventures of Belle and her friends as they go on a quest for the Beauty and The Beast.

It has become a cult classic, which continues to this day.


Frozen (2014) Frozen is a movie about a young girl who gets stuck on the icy kingdom of Arendelle and her sister, Elsa, who gets kidnapped by the evil queen.

It is a Disney classic.


Beauty & The Beast (1994) The original Disney animated film about a princess who falls in love with her prince.

It became a worldwide hit and became the first Disney movie to win multiple Academy Awards.


Cars (1976) It’s a classic movie with an iconic soundtrack that’s popular to this date.


Finding Nemo (1997) A children’s film about Nemo, the giant octopus who saves the world from a sea monster.

It also won an Academy Award for best animated feature.


Finding Dory (2011) Dory is a young octopus whose mother has gone missing, and she must go out and find her to save the world.


Inside Out (2014/15) A cute animated feature which follows the journey of a boy and his sister, Lilly and her dog, Riley.

It went on to win the Oscar for best Pixar film.


Toyama (1997-2000) The most popular animated movie of all time and a cult hit, this feature was based on the manga of the same name.

It’s also one of the few Japanese films to be nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar.


Cars 2 (2005) It won the Academy Award.


Finding Neverland (1993-1994) A story about a boy who must find a magical island that will save his family from a mysterious creature.

It made the shortlist for the Academy Awards, and was one of only two films to win Best Animated Short Film in 1995.


Cars 3 (2005-2006) The sequel to Cars 2, Cars 3 was based off the novel The Toy Story.


Finding Teddy Bear (2010) The tale of a young boy who has lost his parents, who have disappeared.

He must reunite with his family to find them, but his mother is missing.


The Lion King (1994-1996) This was the most successful animated film in history and also one the biggest hit for Disney.


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1989-1990) The dream of a family of five living in a fairy tale kingdom is turned into a nightmare when the Nightmare King kidnaps the family.


The Jungle Book (1999-2000:) It made its Australian debut in Australia.


Cinderella (1923) A tale of the princess and her prince who must be saved from a castle of evil.

It starred Julie Andrews and starred Shirley Temple.


Frozen Fever (2014-15) It went straight to number one on the Australian chart, with more than a million viewers tuning in. 21.

Monsters Inc. (1997-) A childrens animated film that follows a group of young boys who encounter the evil Penguin.


The Adventures of Tintin (1958) A fantasy-inspired childrens film about the adventures and adventures of T. Rex, a giant frog.


Toy Cars (2007-2008) A film based on an animated book series about a car-racing race car.

It did well at the box office, grossing $4.5 million, making it the second highest grossing animated film ever.


The Little Mermaid (1995-1997) This movie became the highest grosser of the Disney Princess films.


Frozen 2 (2013) A sequel to the original animated film, it followed the adventures as the Disney princess Elsa, in the form of a princess.


Toy Stories (1963-1964) A comedy-adventure story about two little girls who travel to a fantasy world called Snow White.

It earned more than $100 million in box office gross.


Cinderella Returns (