What’s next for ‘The Simpsons’?

What’s the next chapter in the Simpsons franchise?

With the new season debuting on Saturday, it looks like the Simpsons will be back on the air for a second time in a few months.

The Simpsons premiered back in 2003 as a weekly series.

While that first season of the show lasted seven seasons, a second season premiered in 2010.

The series ended its run in 2019.

Now, it is set to debut in a new, shorter format.

In 2018, Fox acquired the network and made it an all-new show, The Simpsons.

The Simpsons reboot is expected to be a one-hour program, and the show’s new creators will be joined by former Simpsons creators Matt Groening and Ken Jeong.

While the new series will debut on Saturday nights, a new episode is scheduled for Sunday night.

The new episode will be titled “Sketchy,” and it will air during the “Monday Night Football” primetime slot.

The new season of The Simpsons will premiere on Sunday nights, but a new one will air in the first week of March.

The show’s creator will also return as executive producer, along with the rest of the new Simpsons crew.

It will also air on Fox Family Networks, Fox Sports Network, Fox’s Fox Sports 2, and Fox’s The Simpsons YouTube channel.