The Lad and the Frog

By Mike Masnick, The New York Times Magazine The last time I saw John F. Kennedy was on TV.

He was the first president to attend the National Press Club, which was a celebration of his legacy.

He had just received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the president, but the event was marred by a terrible accident.

On his way to the microphone, Kennedy got stuck in traffic.

He ended up in a wheelchair and was taken to a hospital.

A few days later, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and died.

“It was a terrible tragedy,” said Mr. Kennedy’s son, Bobby, who was then in his early 20s.

The tragedy happened just a few days after a parade of former presidents began in the White House grounds, and while many people were happy to see him, others were less so.

The president’s body was moved to the National Archives in Washington to be stashed away.

Now, the public is wondering what happened to Mr. F.K.s. ashes.

In the days that followed, the President’s widow, Jacqueline, was a bit of a celebrity.

She told reporters that she wanted to return to the White