The Cartoon Network’s ‘Banana’ and ‘Cyano’ showrunners discuss how they got the show picked up by the network

With a cartoon network in their sights, a new project has launched from Cartoon Network that features a series of cartoon characters from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Created by David W. Levine and Jon Miller, Banana, which premiered on Cartoon Network in January, features two characters: a young boy named Ben and a girl named Kate.

Ben is a superhero who has the ability to grow his hair out to look like bananas.

Kate, a superhero with the powers of flight, has the power to fly around the world.

The show, which is part of the network’s ongoing series “The Bananas” has been a hit among critics and fans alike.

The show has also been a ratings hit, averaging more than 300 million viewers over the past five years.

It has a dedicated following of viewers who have grown to love its characters and quirky antics, and Cartoon Network has also partnered with Cartoon Network Animation on the show.

On Wednesday, Cartoon Network announced that the series will return for a second season, launching with two new characters: Bananas the Banana, a giant orange and blue banana that has grown his hair to look and feel like bananas, and the Blue and Gold Banana, who also has the powers to grow their hair out.

Bananas, the showrunner told BuzzFeed News, has a “funny sense of humor,” while Blue and the Gold Banana has a softer, more mellow voice.

Both Bananas and Blue and The Gold Banana are from the Banana family, and they both have a unique, unique personality.

In addition to being characters from the banana family, both characters also come from other worlds, which explains why they are in the show at all.

The Blue and Banana are an alternative family, the creators said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

They were introduced in the season two episode “The Banana and the Magic Mirror,” which was a special Easter episode of the show in which they meet with a group of other worlds.

This was the first time that Bananas had met an alternate world, and it was an interesting opportunity to introduce them to new worlds and characters.

“This is the first episode that we have ever done where we actually put a real, live Bananas in the real world,” the creators told BuzzFeed.

“And it was a lot of fun.”

The Blue and Green Banana were also introduced in episode four, “The Blue Banana and The World of Magic Mirror.”

“It’s hard to describe to anyone that they are a character from the world of the Banana and Magic Mirror, but it’s a character they grew up with and they grew to love and love to talk to and love each other,” said Levine and Miller, who wrote the episode.

“This show is not just about two people.

It’s about two worlds.”

The Blue Monkey, a character who has an alternate reality counterpart, was also introduced.

The Blue Monkey has been in the series since season one, and has also appeared in episodes one and three.

The first season of Banana and Monkey featured a group that included Bananas.

“Bananas and the Monkey” was one of the first episodes to feature the two characters in the same episode.

The creators said that Banana and Blue Monkey are both part of a family, which they believe will serve to keep viewers interested.

“The first episode is the Banana’s story,” said the creators.

“We wanted to bring it to the audience in a fun way.

But there are a lot more things to say about Banana and Banana, so I’ll keep that under wraps.”

The first season will be available on Cartoon Networks’ website on May 14, and will also be available to stream on Hulu.