The Beach Cartoon – ‘Bike to the beach with your kids’

The Beach cartoon will return in the new year, and it’s the result of a collaboration between the Irish National Park Service and a group of local artisans. 

The cartoon, which features the characters of a variety of Irish characters, has been made by the local art studio of the Irish Coast Guard in an effort to inspire the local population to bike to the coastline in order to help clean up the beach. 

It is also the first Irish Coast guard themed cartoon ever made, and was created with support from the Irish Government, which gave the team a $15,000 grant. 

“We wanted to bring a bit of Irish humour to a place where there is a lot of culture and heritage, and to bring that back to a family audience,” said Nina Doyle, Head of Tourism and Culture at the Irish Border, in a statement. 

Bike To The Beach With Your Kids was created in collaboration with the Irish Customs Service.

It will be broadcast on RTÉ Radio One and will be available on RTES channel 4 on Saturday, December 17. 

A number of other Irish Coastguard-themed cartoons have already been shown at Irish beaches, including one about a group riding across the Atlantic Ocean with their kids.