How to make a cartoon butterfly

By Caroline Lippman Posted May 09, 2018 11:33:04The best thing about a butterfly is that it’s cute and easy to make.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all that fun to draw.

To make a butterfly, you have to know a little about the butterfly, as well as the things it needs to breathe.

To do this, I created a couple of simple illustrations for the butterfly to look like, as illustrated in the video above.

Here’s how you do it: First, take the butterfly and make it your own.

Create a template of your own design on paper, and stick it to the back of a piece of paper.

Make a little circle for the wings.

Then draw an outline of the butterfly on the outline of paper, using a ruler or ruler pen to create a circle around the circle, and then draw a small rectangle for the mouth.

The mouth should be the area of the body where the wings and mouth meet.

To draw the mouth, make a line with a ruler on paper and stick that line in a small hole in the back.

Draw the outline around the mouth and use a ruler to draw an empty line on the paper.

Repeat this process until the outline and line are complete.

Next, you need to draw the eyes.

If you use a pencil, mark an empty space on the front of the eyes and draw lines through them, then draw the outline from the center of the center point of the pencil to the bottom of the line.

Next draw a line through the top of the outline.

Draw a line in the middle of the circle around that circle.

This line should be at the end of the middle circle.

Draw an outline for the eyes with a pencil and line them up with the center lines of the wings, with a line at the center line.

Draw another line through both lines, then the outline, then another line to the top, and so on.

Repeat the process for the rest of the eye.

When you have completed all of these steps, draw the head, using your pencil and drawing the outline on paper.

I use the tip of my pencil to draw a little line down the center.

I also use a marker to draw lines for the eye, and line the outline to the center in the outline drawing.

Finally, add the mouth to the body.

Draw lines through the outline for eyes and mouth, and make a small circle for each.

Draw three lines from each to the tip and bottom of each line, and put them on the body, then use a pen to draw circles for the mouths.

You can then glue the two halves together with glue sticks.

This will give the butterfly a little bit of weight, and help it breathe.

Now, take a look at the final product.

The butterfly looks very similar to the one I drew, but with some modifications.

First, the eyes have been drawn in a slightly different way.

The outline was drawn as a straight line through an outline.

To create the line through each eye, I used a ruler, and used a pen and marker to mark an outline with a straight edge.

I then drew a line between the lines and made a small rectangular hole for the hole.

To the side, I made another line, this time through the center hole, and drew a little rectangle for each mouth.

To complete the design, I had to add a little padding at the tip, and added a line down at the bottom to create some wings to attach to the sides.

This is what the butterfly looks like.

If your design looks a bit different, the first thing to do is to draw some lines on the butterfly.

Make two lines on paper for the front and back, and draw the first one as an outline on the center paper.

Next use a line to draw on the side of the paper, as an open circle, then a line from that circle to the point at the top to create an outline around that outline, and the outline is drawn to the same point as the outline drawn on the original paper.

This creates a loop, with the outline that is at the point being drawn at the back and the one on the inside of the loop, forming a circle.

When the loop is complete, glue the loops together and you’re done.

The only thing left to do now is to attach the wings to the inside and out of the loops.

To attach the butterfly wings, I drew a loop through the middle.

I used glue sticks to attach them, and glued the wings directly to the outside of the outer loop.

The glue sticks stick into place and the wings hang down onto the outside, while the glue sticks hang up on the top and bottom, so they don’t slide off.

To add a mouth, I just glue the mouth onto the outer outer loop, and I glued the mouth on top of it.

After all of that is done, glue in the eyes, and attach it with