How a cartoon cartoon character changed India and made it better

By Anuja Singh Updated Date: Oct 06, 2018 05:53:56Today is International Fat Day, a national celebration of the fat people of India.

We all know that India has a long and proud history of fat people and their support for them, but we do not yet know how it has changed.

We do know that for the past 50 years, there has been a steady stream of Indian cartoons depicting fat people, most of them caricatures of Indian caricatures, mostly of overweight and overweight people.

Many of these cartoons, though often humorous, do not always portray the actual fat people in a positive light.

A recent example of this is the film Fat Face.

The movie was made in 2008 by Murali Aiyar, who was then the CEO of the Hindi movie production company Sela.

Fat Face is based on the real life story of Anil Bose, who went from a small village in Maharashtra to the Indian capital, Delhi.

He was the youngest member of a family of seven children.

He had a very low income and his parents and younger brothers, who are all overweight, were forced to work as farm labourers.

One day, while eating lunch at a restaurant, he lost the appetite.

Aiyars mother took him to a nearby village to find some help.

The woman in charge of the village, who called herself Shabani, gave him some sweets and a bottle of water.

She told him that the village would provide all the necessities for his needs, including a fire, a stove, a blanket and some wood.

It was then that he realised the importance of making his own food.

A few years later, when he started working as a farmer, he noticed that his children were too weak to do any work and were being forced to do it all by themselves.

So, he decided to start a business selling fruit, vegetables and meat.

This led to the name Fat Face in 2008.

A big commercial success story A few decades later, Fat Face, which has become the most popular cartoon of all time, is now one of the most famous commercial success stories of the past two decades.

A number of cartoons featuring the protagonist of the film have been released across the country.

The main character, Aiyarbai, is a fat person and a very proud man, as shown in the movie.

The film is a love letter to the people of rural India, and Aiyaris journey to the capital of India, Delhi, to earn a living and to support his family.

The story is narrated by an Indian actress named Aishwarya Rai.

The script for the film, written by Aiyarakas producer Sushma Swaraj, is based upon the real story of the journey of the protagonist Aiyyar.

In addition to being an Indian success story, the movie has also been nominated for various awards in India.

A lot of people around the world, including the US, the UK and France, have also watched the film.

A video of Fat Face has been released by the Aaj Tak film festival, a large and diverse film festival which is a showcase of Indian film and television talent.

A movie that changed India Today Today This film has also won several awards.

A major award at the festival for best feature film was awarded to Fat Face at the 2016 festival.

The festival has also made a statement that its goal is to change the Indian image of fatness.

The 2017 festival has taken up a different theme.

The theme of Fatness has also become a theme in the recent Indian movies released by international film producers and companies.

A film called Fats: The Movie has won many awards for best film, best animated feature and best animated short, among others.

The most successful of the films is Fat Face starring Aishar and features an Indian lead character.

Fatface has won several international awards for its portrayal of an overweight and thin Indian person in a modern India.

This film also has also created a great deal of interest in Indian society.

The popularity of the movie is now attracting international media attention and the film has made its way to a number of other countries.

The Aaj Pas Films company, which was the distributor of the Fat Face film, has also released a video titled Fats in which Fat Face narrates a very short story about his journey to make a living.

The video is very similar to the Fatface feature film.

It has also brought attention to the issues facing Indian fat people.

The fact that Fat Face was also nominated for the Best Animated Feature award is also a great sign that the Indian film industry has taken note of the success of Fatface and is also interested in working with it.

Fats is the third film in a series of films, named after two of the main characters in the film: Aiyarkar and Muralish.

Aj Pas Films has released a number short films based on these