‘Cats and Dogs’ comes to Netflix

A cat and dog cartoon about the world’s most popular pets is coming to Netflix.

The Netflix original series, which stars a cat named Fionnula, and a dog named Shiba, premieres Thursday.

The show is produced by Disney Animation Studios and Warner Bros. Television.

The show, which debuted on Cartoon Network in 2015, follows Fionnnula and Shiba as they explore the world of cute animals, including cats, dogs and other creatures of the natural world.

The series follows Fions family as they travel to different countries and countries visit the Fionna’s new home.

The Fionnias have a dog and a cat as pets, and they also adopt the canine from a veterinarian.

Shiba is a small furry cat, and Fionnah is a large, furry dog.

Fionnanas life is a mix of adventure and family.

Shiba is known for his antics, and he’s always ready to play and help Fionninas family.

Shiva, the female cat, is an exotic species of cat.

Fivana is a pet cat, while Fionnu is a playful kitten that can be found roaming around the house.

The trio lives together in a catnap facility, where they are able to share their time between each other.

Fionna has a knack for finding ways to get Fionnis kids to do cute things.

Shira, the cat, can play fetch and fetch in the catnaps and will even help Fions kids when they are in trouble.

The family has been traveling together to different continents, and Shira can even help out with the family’s chores.

Shira has a big heart and is always eager to help, but the family doesn’t always have enough to feed the animal.

Fions children, like Fionntina, can sometimes have a hard time getting along with the Fions, but they always find a way.

FIVANA can be seen on Twitter at @Fionnanababies and on Facebook at FionnirasFamily.