Cartoonist’s birthday cake image ‘too sexual’ for Facebook

A cartoonist has drawn a cake with a penis that is too sexual for Facebook to use for their “Happy Birthday” contest.

The artist, who goes by the name of Danica, drew a cake for the contest in which contestants are asked to draw a cake of a different gender.

The theme of the cake is “A Birthday Cake for Everyone” and Danica created a penis cake with the words “You’ve Got the Power” written on it.

She posted a picture of the drawing on her Facebook page on Monday, saying: “I think I just did my first #HappyBirthday cake in the #Facebook #Fantasy #Grammy and I had a lot of fun!

#Frozen #GratefulBirthday”But the image was not only rejected by Facebook, it was also blocked.

Danica’s drawing is not the first time a cake drawing has been rejected for the “Happy birthday” contest, but the cake itself has sparked some controversy.

On Monday, a man called John posted a screenshot of his cake drawing to Facebook, saying he had received a message telling him that it was not allowed to be shared on Facebook because of the “gender”.

“When I sent it in, I asked if I could add my own message to it,” he wrote.

“They told me no, that it’s too graphic and it was too graphic for Facebook.

The message was retweeted over 4,500 times.”

So I left the comment as I thought it was a little weird.”

The message was retweeted over 4,500 times.

Another Facebook user, who went by the username “Kris” said she received the message from Facebook’s Community Standards team on Monday night, but could not find the account.

“I thought it might have been blocked or something, but then I saw the reply from the Community Standards manager saying it was OK to share,” she wrote.

“Then I looked up the offending message, and there it was again, that I should not have shared it.

So it is really not a surprise.”

It’s still OK to do your own thing on Facebook, and if you can’t have the cake, don’t share it either.

“A spokesperson for Facebook said: “When we receive feedback about a drawing or submission that’s unacceptable for us, we ask the creators to remove it from our site.

“We’re always working hard to help creators, advertisers and publishers get their content across, and we’ve taken action against content that doesn’t meet our standards.”

If we receive a feedback on a content post we don’t approve, we’ll take action to ensure that our systems are in place to handle the situation.