Cartoon Network cat drawing: Cartoon Network animators’ tiger tattoo makes an appearance

Cartoon Network has been trending in recent weeks for the “cartoon” brand, as well as the network’s latest animated series, Justice League: Batman & Robin.

The network’s flagship show is a live-action adaptation of DC Comics character, The Joker, and features Batman and Robin (voice by Adam Baldwin) fighting for justice in Gotham City.

The show also stars Robin (Jesse Eisenberg) and Catwoman (Alicia Vikander).

“We’re looking forward to a great summer of comics,” the network said in a statement on Friday.

“This is the perfect time to release a new animated series based on DC’s most iconic heroes.”

The show’s official trailer, which debuted on Thursday, features a cat drawing from the Batman series, but it was the tiger tattoo that drew the attention of Cartoon Network.

The cartoon cat’s claws are visible on the cat’s chest.

The cartoon cat, drawn by cartoon animators Adam Baldwin and Brian Ching, has been featured in the Cartoon Network animated seriesJustice League:Batman & Robin, which premiered last summer.

The series features a live action animated adaptation of Batman’s most popular character.