‘Cartoon’ legend ‘Madam Secretary’ dies at 74

Madam Secretary, legendary cartoonist and director of “Cartoon” fame, has died in India, her grandson has announced.

Najeeb Khan, 76, who was married to cartoonist Aneesh Jha, said his grandfather had been admitted to a hospital in Kolkata on Tuesday night.

A post on Twitter said his body had been sent to a local morgue.

Born in 1932 in the Punjab province of India, Khan is credited with inventing the world’s first animated film, the 1960s classic “A Christmas Carol”.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, he directed the animated film “The Secret Garden” (1959), starring a young Mary Poppins, and “A Merry Christmas to All” (1964), which was the first feature film to be nominated for an Oscar.

He also wrote and produced a number of films including “The Little Princess”, “The Elephant Man” and “The World’s Fair”, which was also nominated for a Nobel prize in literature.

Khan was known for his colorful cartoons and the creation of many iconic characters.

He has also been the subject of numerous books, including the best-selling “Madam President”, a biography of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.