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The first episode of Cartoon Earth’s newest animated series, “Birthday Cake”, has launched.

The series stars the popular animated character Birthday Cake as she travels the world and discovers all kinds of amazing food and art.

The series follows Birthday Cake, who lives in the city of Tokyo, where she’s a very popular cartoon character.

Birthday Cake is not only popular, but also famous.

Her name is the main character of a popular manga series, Birthday Cake: The Complete Series.

Birthday Cake: Birthday Cake follows her as she continues to spread her fame around the world.

The first episode is available for free on the Cartoon Earth app and it’s available in English and Japanese.

 “Birthday Candy” is the latest in a long line of birthday cakes that are being released this year.

They’re all part of the Cartoon Club, which includes “Fantastic Four”, “Wii U”, “Pokémon X and Y”, and “Disney Infinity 3.0”.

 The birthday cake series features characters from a wide variety of different countries and cultures.

The main character, Birthday, is a woman who lives and breathes Japan.

Birthday’s first appearance in the series comes in episode 2, when she travels to Tokyo to find a special cake.

Birthday is then surprised to discover a birthday cake for a Japanese child who’s only one year old.

Birthday then decides to make it a birthday party and travels all over Japan.

Birthday is a very energetic character, who is a fan favorite.

She has a big personality and loves talking to her friends, so she’s an easy person to relate to.

As she travels around the country, Birthday discovers that she also loves cake and her favorite foods.

Birthday loves to bake, and she likes to have her cake decorated.

While Birthday is not a particularly happy person, she does her best to make friends and enjoy life.

This year’s birthday cake is a chocolate cake with the name of Birthday Cake in Japanese.

Birthday will also receive a special gift in the form of a “birthday card” in the upcoming episode.

The animation is done by the award-winning studio, Kōhei Horii.

Watch a preview of “Birthdays Birthday Cake” episode 2 here: