Cartoon Bat: How I Became a Cartoonist

Posted October 04, 2018 09:17:56 I’ve been a cartoonist since I was a kid.

I think I was drawn to cartooning by my mother and my grandmother.

I’ve never been an artist myself.

I like to draw, but I don’t really enjoy it.

I just draw what I want to draw and enjoy.

When I was in middle school, I was really into animation.

I was the first to learn about CG.

I also really liked to draw characters and the more I drew, the more it was my passion.

When we were kids, we would sit around the table and do cartoons.

My friends and I would do our own cartoons.

When the kids got older, we did our own.

I got into animation to show off to my friends.

I liked drawing, but that was it.

The cartoons were very silly and silly cartoons.

I remember I used to draw the cartoon bat on the wall, with a black bat with a white head.

I’d put the white head on the bat and then I’d make it into a cartoon.

I guess I was still drawing at that point.

I always felt like I was being judged by the drawings I did and I thought I should be doing cartoons because I loved doing them.

I started doing cartoons for school but I didn’t do much in school.

I did some of the school dances and I was always the first one to dance with the band.

I didn´t have any friends so I just had to do it alone.

When my grandmother passed away, I started thinking about it.

Then I thought, ‘well, if I have to do this, what do I want my career to be?’

That’s when I got the idea to start a cartooning company, Cartoon Bat.

I never thought I’d be doing a cartoon but I had a lot of fun working on cartoons.

There was no money in cartoons.

It was like a dream come true, to be able to do something that wasn’t money, to have the freedom to do what I loved.

I thought if I did a cartoon, it would be different.

It would be more of a personal thing.

I wanted to show the world that cartoons can be something that can entertain and it can be a part of the lives of the people.

I don´t know what my career will be, but it will definitely be something.

I hope people who are interested in cartoons will find out more about Cartoon Bat and to help me do my own cartoons, so that they can be as successful as I am.